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CanBIM Partnership Opportunities Available Now!

Advance civilization through technology and innovation

Posted on
January 29, 2021

Support and align with the CanBIM Mission. Help advance civilization through the adoption of technology and innovative best practices. As a Partner, your company will be a catalyst for digital transformation, technology adoption, and innovation in the building and infrastructure industry.

CanBIM has a variety of programs and initiatives that your business can participate in driving. There are five Partnership opportunities available in the 2021 Partnership Package.

CanBIM offers the following Partnership Opportunities:

CanBIM Annual Partner Packages

Align with CanBIM's mission and participate throughout the year through our Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Corporate packages. We've bundled benefits to help partners achieve their business goals.

CanBIM Event Partner Packages

Partner with CanBIM to deliver a themed event with a focussed subject matter that aligns with your business. These events are targeted at specific user groups that our Partners service. CanBIM will drive attendance and our Partners will be able to engage and connect with their target audience during and after the event.

CanBIM Annual Awards Partner Packages

Partner with CanBIM to recognize and showcase innovation leadership in the building industry. The Awards program is an important opportunity to shed light on the innovative work that is happening in our industry. Sharing successful use cases for technology and innovation helps to form new best practices, driving our industry forward.

CanBIM Annual Publication Partner Packages

Partner with CanBIM to deliver market insights and knowledge through educational and innovative case studies, articles, and interviews. The Annual publication helps to showcase how our Members are implementing technology; it educates readers on a wide variety of challenges and solutions faced on projects across the industry from all sectors.

CanBIM Industry Reports Partner Packages

Partner with CanBIM to deliver market intelligence on a specific and very relevant subject matter that is impacting the building industry. Each Industry Report provides a snapshot of a specific sector or subject matter where innovation is taking place.

CanBIM Partners are at the center of all of our programs and initiatives. They have a front-row opportunity to drive the industry forward by engaging with CanBIM members, participating as thought leaders, and sharing their expertise with a rapidly evolving community of innovators. CanBIM works to connect its Partners with the membership, there is no better opportunity to advance the industry and our civilization!


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