Setting the direction for the future!

At a recent quarterly meeting, Think Tank Chairs discussed industry wide challenges and collaboration opportunities. CanBIM has been working hard to organize industry innovators and leaders to focus on important challenges that our industry members face each day. Think Tank Members meet monthly to discuss and address challenges from each sector of the industry.

Recently, each Think Thank has established a "North Star" that addresses a key industry challenge or problem within its area of expertise. The Think Tank's are now developing a road map to achieve their respective goals.

To further its goals Think Tank Chairs also determined that it would launch a campaign to reach out to Industry members and engage them in thought leadership around key industry challenges. A communication campaign is planned for the second quarter of 2021 to invite industry to provide their "problems" and "challenges" to the Think Tanks.

CanBIM members can participate on Think Tanks and the supporting Task Groups as a way of participating in advancing the industry. Are you a CanBIM Member? Do you want to advance your industry? Join a CanBIM Think Tank today!


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