Seeking Members

As the Think Tank initiative evolves it is expected that there will be a need to form new Think Tanks around new subject matter or process-based initiatives. A minimum of three volunteers are required to start up a CanBIM Think Tank with Board approval. If you are a CanBIM Member and you would like to participate, we encourage you to sign up through the website today!


  • Consistency of use across all software platforms
  • Increase adaptation of technologies across all disciplines
  • Streamline the use of the technology across all software platforms
  • Vet industry standards & guidelines from a software vendor’s perspective
  • Develop a strong understanding of the next generation technologies and facilitate opportunities to learn about these technologies
  • Increase awareness of current technology and future trends
  • Interface with other CanBIM Committees and industry groups to improve adoption of technology within each discipline


Reed Munro

Virtual Construction Lead, Clark Builders


Mike Nelson

Product Specialist, Vectorworks


John Barkwell

Director of Business Development - USA, BIMTrack

Peter DeRooy

Associate, BIM Leader, Manager of Production Group, The Mitchell Partnership

Kate Kirwan

VDC Manager, Turner Construction

Dan McKinnon

Canada Territory Manager, Revizto

Pooja Neupane

Energy Modeller and QA Specialist at A&J Energy Consultants

Mahsan Omid

BIM Consultant, SolidCAD

Michael Romita

BIM Manager, Stantec

Jason Seifert

Design Technology Manager, Norr Architecture & Planning

JP Simard

Application Specialist, BuildingPoint Canada