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Conception des prix de Projection sur l’innovation CanBIM 2019

By Carleton Immersive Media Studio and DIALOG

The 2019 CanBIM Award is the result of a collaborative effort aimed at producing an award that demonstrates modern design and fabrication processes, as well as materials and symbols that reflect Canada.

The fabrication process began with the unique capabilities of the computer-controlled milling machines and printers available at the Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS). An elegant architectural form was designed collaboratively with DIALOG to represent shapes only possible using multi-axis mills while showcasing the finish qualities of specific tools.

The Awards are milled from curly maple, stained in shades of amber and polished to a shine; the lightest gold-tone being reserved for the best in innovation award.

Stylized maple leaves generated from machine toolpaths are wrapped around the model and projected onto the surface of the award. These toolpaths are cut using a V-groove bit to complement the unique grain of the maple and the curves of the surface.

Finally, the text and winners of the awards are printed on polished copper plates using a substrate printer and inlaid into the maple. The fnish over the lettering is a thin layer of epoxy resin with a light texture that accentuates the refective qualities of the fnished copper next to the distinctive wood grain.

CIMS Team: Ken Percy, Team Lead; Kristine Prochnau, Research Assistant; Julie Ivanoff, Research Assistant; Hilary Romaniuk, Research Assistant; Rubin De Jonge, Research Assistant; Lara Chow, Associate Director; Stephen Fai, Director.

DIALOG Team: Neal Philipsen, Associate; Matthew Parker, Computational Designer; Krigh Bachmann, Design Coordinator.

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