The 2020 Innovation Spotlight provides educational, industry-based content focused on Transformation within the building and infrastructure industry. The publication overviews current and future challenges, such as global sustainability, industry-wide productivity, supply-chain, data management, new technology and more.

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Three Questions With...

Conversations with the leaders in BIM and digital transformation

Living Smart at Quayside

Shaping the Smart City of tomorrow

Best in Innovation and Trades Award Winner 2019

Implementing BIM process and technologies for LCBO Tower, by Plan Group


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Letter from the CanBIM President 2020

Construction 4.0

The next revolution in the construction industry

2019 CanBIM Innovation Spotlight Award Winners

Recognizing the achievements of our members who demonstrate leadership and innovation in BIM

Professional Achievement Award Winner 2019

Interview with Patrick Saavedra

Trailblazer Award Winner 2019

Interview with Harsh Vyas

CanBIM Innovation Spotlight Awards Design 2019

General Contractor’s Award Winner 2019

Academic Award Winner 2019

Design and Engineering Award Winner 2019

Technology Commercial Award Winner 2019

Technology In-House Award Winner 2019

Enhancing the Future of Technology in Engineering and Construction

The newly expanded Oracle Industries Innovation Lab

ISO 19650

A gateway to standardized digital practices to design, deliver and maintain Canada’s built environment


A solution to conventional BIM workflows

Building Innovation Research Centre (BRIC)

Benchmarking BIM across Canada

Moving from Mass to Meaningful

How ETRO Construction is focusing on tech that helps capture the data that matters



Design Technology Growth and Risks: Perspectives from the Industry

Perspectives from the Industry