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The pressure to create a better built environment could not be more significant and urgent than today. Global forces such as climate change driving the need for resilient infrastructure, population growth driving the need for affordable housing, environmental impact driving the need for net zero waste targets and thinning margins and global competition driving the need for productivity and innovation.

The Ottawa Executive Speaker Series will offer innovative and informative sessions about the increasingly important subject of Digital Twins. Initiatives across the globe are emerging to define and develop digital twins to help improve productivity and create efficiencies within the built environment. The CanBIM Ottawa session will explore the unique challenges and opportunities for digital twins in the context of the Canadian building and infrastructure industry. The session will examine diverse scales of digital twins – from asset fabrication to creating a digital twin for buildings, to examining how to develop a digital twin at the national scale and how simulations and monitoring with IoT and artificial intelligence can be utilized to improve our built environment.

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April 23, 2020

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Getting Under the Hood on Digital Twins
Ian Siegel
Digital Project Director, Willow
Brought to you by:
Transforming Project Delivery with a Construction Project Digital Twin
Richard Humphrey
VP, Construction Products, Bentley
Brought to you by:
Goal-driven Continuous Improvement in AECO
Azam Khan
Co-founder and CEO, Trax.GD
Brought to you by:
Programming Solutions for Repetitive Tasks
Nicolas Arellano
Research Team Lead at CIMS
Brought to you by:
Advancing Technology and Collaboration for Greater Project Delivery
Patrick Lalonde
VDC Manager, Ottawa & Atlantic Canada, EllisDon
Philip Meadows
National VDC Manager, Modern Niagara
Brought to you by:
Digital Twins - Enhancing the Future of Project Stakeholder Collaboration
Johnny Clemmons
Global VP, Engineering Construction and Operations Industry Business Unit, SAP
Brought to you by:
BIM & Digital Twin - RPS' Vision for the Management of Real Property
Pierre Tessier
Director General, Project Management Service Line, Real Property Services of PSPC
Brought to you by:
Building Twin: Enabling an Ecosystem with Applications and Services
Christian Frey
Senior Manager Innovation and Patent Coordination, Siemens Schweiz AG, Smart Infrastructure, Global Headquarters
Brought to you by:
Unlocking the Power of Digital Twins – Trends, Current Use Cases and Future Industry Potential
Shaun Klann
Global Head of Real Estate and President at Willow
Brought to you by:
Leveraging Digital Twins to Manage Project Complexity and Project Risk
Johnny Clemmons
Global VP, Engineering Construction and Operations Industry Business Unit
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Digital Twinning at the National Capital Commission
Wanito Bernadin
Chief Information Officer & Director, Information Technology and Geomatics Services at the National Capital Commission
Executive Session
Brought to you by:
Dassault Systemes & Virtual Twins
Jerry Jackson
Vice President | Global Value Solutions - Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Dassault Systèmes
Executive Panel Discussion
Brought to you by:
Digital Twins: A Human Perspective
Kirk Stalkie
Design Technology Manager, NORR
Gord McElravy
Director, Infrastructure Councils, buildingSMART Canada
Patrick Saavedra
Director, Architecture, Engineering and Design, York University
Jonathan Murphy
Founder and Managing Director of GoGeomatics Canada
Stephen Fai
Associate Professor, Carleton University


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